Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Online versions of Module courses

These hyperlinks should take you directly to the online versions of the to Module courses used in Transitions program at LCHS.


English Language Arts

Social Studies


Math 20-2: Course Multimedia

Math 20-3: Course Multimedia


To access any online lab, follow these directions:

CTS Courses

Health Services HSS1010

Agriculture AGR3000

CTS Resources

As I find time, I will be scanning the print modules to PDF, and posting them here.

Please be patient with me, and let me know if there is a particular course you'd like me to put to the top of my "to do" list.

Agriculture 1010 - Introduction to Agriculture

Monday, 26 August 2013

Useful files and documents for Chemistry 20 modules

Chemistry 20 Folder on Google Drive

Formula sheet

Outline of the Final exam


Hello.   I hope that everyone is as eager as I am to get back to work after our summer vacation.

Just to introduce myself... I have been teaching in Wolf Creek since 2004, beginning as a substitute at several area schools, and an exciting three years at West Country Outreach School in Rimbey.  That's where I met some wonderful people and learned a whole about alternative education.  Before that, I worked in Calgary doing chemical analysis of transformer oil, and also site assessment and remediation for oil well sites. 

This photo is me on the last day of vacation... You should know that I am normally MUCH more professional than this!

My husband and I are enjoying our first summer in our new home.  As you can see, we still have quite a lot of landscaping to be done, as our "patio" is a set of sidewalk blocks.   We have no children, but our two cats keep us entertained.  The fluffy one rolling in the dust is Princess Anastasia, and the fuzzy one chewing on my wrist is Mister Mistoffelees.  (Please don't ask... My husband named them).

During the winter I read (sci-fi), quilt, and knit. I also practice Taoist Tai Chi - meditation and exercise in one!

First Post and Blog Outline

Purpose:  Course planning and resources for my classes at Lacombe Composite

Audience:  students and parents

Content:  lessons and resources, for Learning Strategies 15 and for Fashion 10

Commitment: posting at least twice/week