Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fashion Studies - September 3 - 6

The General plan for the first week is below.  It is subject to change as the situation shifts.  As a friend of mine once told me: "Never make plans - it just begs fate to come smack you around.  This is only a gist".

September 3: Grade 10 Welcome

  • introductions
  • class outline and classroom expectations
  • supplies list

September 4: sewing machine demo

  • Ms. Aalhus will be here to show all of us (myself included) the basic parts of a sewing machine.  For those who already know how to use a sewing machine, she'll be pointing out the pitfalls and idiosyncracies that come with this particular model.
  • We will go over the course outline and classroom expectations in more detail, and repeat the supplies list for anyone who wasn't here yesterday.

September 5: sewing paper

  • Get your textbooks - be sure you have your ID card and receipt. 
  • You can begin the theory work for the first module... parts of a sewing machine, etc.
  • using an old needle and scrap paper, you'll have a chance to practice sewing straight lines, curves, and zigzags

September 6: sewing fabric

  • using scraps of fabric, you'll have a chance to practice sewing straight lines, curves, and programmed stitches

September 9: stitch sampler

  • on scrap fabric, you will create a sampler that demonstrates your ability to sew a variety of different stitches and to press them properly.

September 10: sewing paper

  • draft the pattern and carefully read all of the instructions

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