Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fashion Studies - September 9 - 13

September 9.   

Finish stitch sampler assignment
Make the pattern for your wallet
Worksheet in your package: "Using a sewing machine"

September 10.

Finish making the pattern and checking it with Mrs. Gillard
Cut out the pattern pieces and use them to cut out interfacing.
Finish the worksheet in the module titled "Using a sewing machine"

September 11 - short class due to Pancake Breakfast

Quick demo of pressing
Hand in workbooks so that I can mark the "Parts of a Sewing Machine", "Using a sewing machine", and the Stitch Sampler
Choose and begin to cut out wallet fabric

September 12

Full pressing demo and discussion of features of steam irons. Notes. 
The Wallet - go through the score sheet and self-evaluate the first two points 
** Pull the tags out of your Sobey's bags***
Fuse the interfacing to your fabric.
Partner practice for TOMORROW'S QUIZ

For the quiz, you should know:

  • sewing machine parts and what they do - I'll describe 12 parts and ask what they're called
  • the 3 main stitches: Regulation, Basting, and Reinforcing
  • two short answer questions about using the machine

September 13

Quiz on parts of a sewing machine
Sew the card pocket
** you must have a passing grade on the stitch sampler before you can do this!   At least 3 people need to finish this. 

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