Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Welcome Grades 10s

Welcome to Lacombe Comp, and to Connections

An Open Letter to Students Returning to School

In which John Green gives advice to students returning to school for summer break, discusses the reasons public education exists, and celebrates the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity, among many great things that have happened to humans since we began to invest in public education


It was great to meet all of you yesterday - it sounds like many of you are definate people persons!  Thanks for sharing with the the Good, Bad and Ugly of your first day.

Please watch this space for announcements and news. I will try to give you warning if we are going off school grounds to volunteer, for example.

Today's class will be mostly about building relationships and setting some ground rules and understandings among us - and I'll be trying really hard to learn all of your names!

Tomorrow we will start into the main course, beginning with the Course Outline. I've printed you a copy, but in case you lose it (ha ha!), here is an online copy.

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