Sunday, 3 November 2013

Snow day!!

So, I hope you've all heard by now that tomorrow is a snow day!   Enjoy sleeping in - I still have to be at work :-)

So, we will have only one last class of Fashion!   Please be sure to bring your completed assignment from last week.   The basic class schedule will be:

1. 20 minutes to finish the assignment, ask me any last questions you may have.  I will bring fabric samples for the questions that require them.

2.  Mark the assignment as a class

3.  Quiz
  - all the sewing skills that you have learned.  Using the machine, types of stitches, etc
  - assembling the hoodie - I will tell you the steps, you put them in order 
  - recognize hoodie pattern pieces, and how they were laid out on the fabric
  - name examples of natural and synthetic fibres
  - recognize fabric that is knit vs. woven - what they look like, and benefits of each. 

4.  When you finish the quiz, clean out your Sobeys bag.  
  - Pack up anything you wish to take home
  - donate anything you don't want that the Fashions program might be able to use. 
  - return your textbook to the Learning Commons

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